Who Is Jacob? Part 3

by Ross Abasolo

On July 1966, a momentous and pivotal event occurred that largely escaped the attention of the world. It had been prophesied centuries before; and it passed by unnoticed, unreported by the major media outlets.

At precisely midnight on July 31st 1966, the British Colonial Office was officially closed down. That event marked the dismantling of the British Empire.

At the stroke of midnight, 31 years later on July 1st 1997, the world watched as the Union Jack was lowered; and, Hong Kong was handed back over to China.

The process of imperial liquidation was complete, and Prince Charles reportedly made this entry in his personal diary: “Such is the end of empire . . .”

The British Empire had ended.

From obscurity to superiority

Beginning in the early 1800s, the British Empire and the United States combined, possessed almost three–quarters of the world’s wealth and natural resources.

Never had any people risen so rapidly to the pinnacle of world supremacy as the British and American peoples.

At the zenith of its power, Great Britain was the master of a far–flung empire that embraced 61 nations stretching as far as Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. Its naval armada ruled the seas, and its armies stood guard over the strategic seagates of the world. British merchants dominated the world’s commerce, and British bankers ruled the world’s financial centers.

Meanwhile, the United States, in a relatively short span of 70 years, acquired all of the territory that comprises its contiguous 48 states today, prompting the French statesman Alexis de Tocqueville to write “The whole continent, in short, seemed prepared to be the abode of a great nation.”

How did Great Britain and America acquire such power and wealth? WHAT brought about their spectacular rise to greatness?

Was it primarily because of their own ingenuity? Were they simply lucky?

Or was there an unseen hand that guided and installed these nations at the summit of economic and military power such as the world had never seen?

The Bible says, because of Abraham’s unswerving obedience, God gave him the unconditional promises of the birthright: immense wealth, unchallenged power and national greatness.

However, today, Imperial Britain is no more! Its colonies are gone. The sea gates it once controlled are in the hands of others. The fabulous glory of the British Empire has faded.

The sun has set on the once–mighty British Empire!

America, the only superpower

In the mid–1980s, America’s status as the world’s lone superpower was unchallenged, having emerged as the unquestioned victor of the “cold war” with the Soviet Union. It was America which rose to the heights of technological development and scientific achievement.

It was America’s footprints on the surface of the moon. America’s standard of living soared and became the envy of other nations. Just about everyone wanted to come to America and grab a piece of the American dream.

But over the years, America, drained by wars; riddled with crime and violence in its cities; sickened with drug abuse; softened with material excess; saddled with enormous debt, went into a downward spiral.

Why? How did this happen?

A cause for every effect

There is a CAUSE for every effect. Today, there is less concern for God in Britain.

In a recent You.gov poll conducted for The Times (of London), the survey revealed that “The number of Britons who believe in God has fallen by four percentage points in under two years . . . leaving atheism to pull significantly ahead.”

And the United States has followed in the same path of his brother, Ephraim.

Americans today believe THEY have put themselves into this position of undisputed world leadership and unrivalled national greatness.

American exceptionalism was their accomplishment. Just as Britain did, Americans have forgotten the God Who blessed them.

America has turned its back on the God Who made it the GREATEST nation of all.

A research study conducted by San Diego State University’s Jean M. Twenge found “Five times as many Americans in 2014 reported that they never prayed as did Americans in the early 1980s, and nearly twice as many said they did not believe in God.”

The handwriting on the wall for America is clear!

In Leviticus 26:19, God says “I will break the pride of your power. . .”

Whereas in previous times, the United States was never tentative, never hesitant but assertive and decisive in wielding its diplomatic clout backed up by military resources when necessary. America’s faltering and indecision have emboldened petty tyrants to defy its authority. And rogue nations are no longer intimidated or frightened 
by its power.

Recently, a high ranking naval officer, the chief of US Pacific Command admitted that “our historic dominance” in the Asia–Pacific region has “weakened” and is “diminishing.”

Abraham Lincoln said the American people are the recipients of “the choicest bounties of heaven;” but, as Lincoln feared, they have become “intoxicated with unbroken success” and have grown too proud to pray to the God Who is the True Source of their blessings.

Jacob’s trouble

But in our so–called sophisticated and enlightened society of today, to say that God even exists is looked upon as foolishness. And to claim that the God of heaven bestowed upon the United States and Great Britain these fabulous blessings because of His promise to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob seems rather simplistic and antiquated.

America and the British peoples have turned away from God, despising the only way that would make their nations strong! They have rejected the only way that leads to continued affluence, lasting peace, true happiness and real freedom!

General Douglas MacArthur, regarded as a brilliant American military commander said this:

“History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual reawakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.”

The way of escape

Unless they repent, America and Britain are in for some truly troubling times which the Bible calls “Jacob’s trouble.”

God makes a solemn promise that if we will obey Him, surrender unconditionally to Him and make this the overriding, governing principle in our lives, then we will be accounted worthy to escape the horrendous times that are certain to come (Luke 21:36).

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