The Greatness of God Part 2
The greatest of all of God's creations are human beings! Man is God's most marvellous creation - - - a living testimony to the greatness of God. Read More


Peace at Last

People crave peace, yet there is no peace! Why? Listen

James - Chapter 1

A book by the Lord's brother Listen

The Greatness of God Part 1

The stunning beauty of the universe shows the power and glory of God. Read

The Truth About Hell

Is there an eternal hellfire? Listen

Ecclesiastes - Chapters 9 - 12

A verse by verse study of the book of Ecclesiastes Listen

The Pearl of Great Price

Biblical lessons from a precious treasure Listen

Ecclesiastes - Chapters 6 - 8

A verse by verse study of the book of Ecclesiastes Listen

Blurring the Lines

Character and integrity are quickly fading away from our society today. Read

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