What Exactly Does the Bible Say?
The Bible contains the inspired words of God in print. Are you using God's instruction manual as the final word on HOW you live your life? Listen

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Do You Have An Immortal Soul?

What does your Bible say? Listen

Thy Kingdom Come!

Why should we pray Thy Kingdom Come? Listen

Matthew Chapter 5

A verse by verse study of the first book of the New Testament. Listen

Is Heaven Our Reward?

Are we going to heaven? Listen

James - Chapter 5

A book by the Lord's brother Listen

Psalms - Chapters 1 - 2

A verse by verse study through the Bible Listen

What Is Sin?

The TRUE and biblical definition of sin Listen

James - Chapter 4

A book by the Lord's brother Listen

Is This the Only Day of Salvation? - Part II

If God is trying to save the entire world now, is He succeeding? Listen

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